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Phone Counseling

  Receive professional counseling in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your own home or office.
Save Time! There is no commute. By avoiding the drive to an office most of you will save a 1/2 hour to an hour of your time each week. That's almost 5 hours a month.

Save Money! With the price of gasoline these days you can easily save almost $10.00 each session by avoiding the drive. That's basically the cost of one counseling session each month!

Remember you can always call or e-mail us either for a free assessment or to find out more about the options below by talking to one of our counselors. If we don't answer immediately, leave us your 1) name, 2) best phone number to reach you at, 3) if it's okay to leave a message, 4) time zone you are calling from (we are Pacific Standard time which is 3 hours behind the East Coast) and 5) best times to reach you.
We will get back to you ASAP. Contact Us.


Phone Counseling
Call us at 503-341-7685 or email us to setup a time. Remember we have a limited amount of slots available and they fill up quickly so don't delay! Payment is a simple process, you just click on the Payment Options button and pay through PayPal.

Call now for a Free Assessment
Unsure if you need professional help? Call us for a free, expert opinion. We can then set up counseling or refer you to another source or recommend additional resources.



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